CONDOLENCES: Ari Fuld, 45 year old husband and father of 4, is the victim of today’s terror attack in Israel. He was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist at the entrance of a local mall and later died from his injuries. Ari was someone who lived and breathed for the land […]


When Bar Mizrahi was on watch outside of Jerusalem she saw 2 Palestinian terrorists approaching — and leapt into action. Thwarting the attack before it began. But Bar refuses to take credit for her heroism. “I was just doing my job” Source: The Israel Project

✡ Israel’s Hero ✡

This morning near a checkpoint in Ma’ale Adumim, police officer Moshe Hen noticed a car driving erratically. He listened to his instincts and pulled the car over. He asked the driver to step out of the car. At that moment the driver detonated a bomb in an attempted suicide bombing. […]