Fighting Jewish Hate with Jewish Unity

Click here to listen. Karen Cinnamon sits down with Nikki Schreiber, founder of Humans of Judaism, where she’s been bringing Jewish stories to life since 2014. They chat about how Nikki channeled her grief over her beloved father’s sudden death into Humans of Judaism, the account’s meteoric rise to fame […]

Future of Jewish 25

Future of Jewish 25; the Jewish world’s most forward-thinking, innovative organizations in 2022. Established in 2022, JOOL’s FUTURE OF JEWISH 25 outlines the organizations paving a promising path for Judaism, Jewish life and culture, Jewish Peoplehood, and Israel. The organizations are listed in alphabetical order. Click here to view the complete list. […]

Momentum: Iconic Jewish Women

Thank you Momentum! What an honor to have been included among this group of Jewish women. Watch until the end to see some of the extraordinary women we’re celebrating today! Happy International Women’s Day!

Masa’s Inspiring Twelve

12 Inspiring Jewish Women Making a Difference | Masa Israel Nikki Schreiber is the founder of Humans of Judaism, an online Jewish storytelling platform nearing 200,000 Instagram followers. As a well-known and rising female Jewish influencer, she is an expert storyteller showcasing the human side of Judaism, connecting Jews of […]

Jews You Should Know

Episode 131 – The Humans of Judaism Founder: A Conversation with Nikki Schreiber ABOUT THIS EPISODE The Jewish world has its cadre of social media “Influencers.” Nikki Schreiber, founder and editor of Humans of Judaism, posts daily content aimed at inspiring the Jewish world – and the world at large […]

Global Jewish 100

What is the Global Jewish 100? The Global Jewish 100 is a celebration of people across the world who are moving Jewish culture forward. Individuals were selected according to their accomplishments, influence, and impact. This is a nice surprise. An honor to be amongst many people that I look up […]

Yad Vashem’s Young Leadership Takes Holocaust Education to a New Audience

Click here to read: Yad Vashem’s Young Leadership Takes Holocaust Education to a New Audience by Cindy Grosz The Young Leadership Associates Chairpersons are Rachel Shnay and Josh Gelnick. Many young “celebrity bloggers” like Humans Of Judaism and Jewish Chick attended. Reality star, best-selling author and Jewish activist, Siggy Flicker, was […]

International journalists, bloggers and social media gurus at the Jewish Media Summit meet with Israel’s top leadership and discuss anything but prickly domestic Israeli affairs

The group of 150 writers from 30 countries participated in the third Jewish Media Summit, a four-day meet-up organized in cooperation with the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and the Jerusalem and Heritage Affairs Ministry. The invited attendees included heads of international Jewish media, alongside bloggers and social media […]

Nefesh B’Nefesh In-Flight Interview with Nachum Segal Network

Click here and press play to listen to the complete interview. What an incredible show today from the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight! Check out the other guests from the flight, here is a link to the full show: Some of today’s incredible guests included (in no specific order): Tony Gelbart with Rabbi […]

Jewish Latin Princess Podcast Check out episode 55 on Jewish Latin Princess. Had such a great time chatting with Yael, thanks for having me! Yael Trusch is the creator of the bilingual Jewish lifestyle Blog and weekly Podcast for women, Jewish Latin Princess. She is an influencer, communicator and promoter of ‘a joyful, richer […]

BBC: Meet the religious social media stars

There are many non-Christian influencers too. The UK-based Muslim Travel Girl (real name, Elena Nikolova) has 33,000 Instagram followers and 30,000 Facebook subscribers. Her website helps Muslim millennials “have halal travel and enjoy the world,” as she puts it. American Nikki Schreiber runs Humans of Judaism, which boasts 110,000 followers on […]

So this happened today, Jerry Seinfeld shared a Humans of Judaism story to his Facebook and Twitter!

That’s time that Jerry Seinfeld shared a Humans of Judaism article on his social media. Facebook JERRY SEINFELD AT ISRAEL’S RAMON AIRBASE WITH THE ISRAELI AIR FORCE… Posted by Jerry Seinfeld on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 Twitter JERRY SEINFELD AT ISRAEL’S RAMON AIRBASE WITH THE ISRAELI AIR FORCE Bombing. World […]

The Ten Best Jewish Instagram Accounts

3. Humans Of Judaism A spin-off from Humans of New York, Humans of Judaism showcases Jews from across the globe with an emphasis on what Judaism and Israel means to them. With nearly forty thousand followers, Humans of Judaism features many Jews’ captivating stories. Most recently, the account has been publishing […]