Fighting Jewish Hate with Jewish Unity

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Karen Cinnamon sits down with Nikki Schreiber, founder of Humans of Judaism, where she’s been bringing Jewish stories to life since 2014. They chat about how Nikki channeled her grief over her beloved father’s sudden death into Humans of Judaism, the account’s meteoric rise to fame in the early days of Instagram, and how Nikki’s managed to keep her focus on Jewish unity and positivity in a time of rising antisemitism. 

You’ll find out:

  • How Nikki got the idea to start Humans of Judaism
  • The importance of making space for what we love about our tradition
  • Nikki’s favorite Humans of Judaism story
  • How Nikki’s focus has shifted with the rise of antisemitism
  • Why it’s vital that we continue to share our Jewish pride without fear
  • How Jewish Instagram has evolved since Nikki founded Humans of Judaism in 2014
  • Nikki’s tips on how to feel secure in your Jewish identity
  • How Nikki keeps her focus on Jewish unity
  • What’s next for Humans of Judaism
  • How to cope with antisemitism in 2022

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