The Great Synagogue of Florence is one of the largest synagogues in South-central Europe, situated in Florence, in Italy.

The synagogue of Florence was built between 1874 and 1882. During World War II Nazis soldiers occupied the synagogue and they used that as a storehouse. In August 1944 retreating German troops worked with Italian Fascists to lay explosives to destroy the synagogue. However, Italian resistance fighters managed to defuse […]

The Portuguese Synagogue is a late 17th-century Sephardic synagogue in Amsterdam, completed in 1675.

The Amsterdam Sephardic community was one of the largest and richest Jewish communities in Europe during the Dutch Golden Age, and their very large synagogue reflected this. The synagogue remains an active place of worship and is also a popular tourist attraction. The Women’s Gallery is supported by 12 stone […]

The Eldridge Street Synagogue, built in 1887, is a National Historic Landmark synagogue in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood.

In 2007, after 20 years of renovation work that cost US$20 million, the Eldridge Street Project completed the restoration and opened to the public as the Museum at Eldridge Street. #GKTsynagogue Wishing you all #ShabbatShalom! Source: GO Kosher Travel via Bentzi Sasson

The New Synagogue in Berlin, Germany was built 1859–1866 as the main synagogue of the Berlin Jewish community.

Because of its splendid eastern Moorish style and resemblance to the Alhambra, it is an important architectural monument of the second half of the 19th century in Berlin. This synagogue was one of the few synagogues to survive Kristallnacht, it was badly damaged prior to and during World War II […]

The Old New Synagogue or Altneuschul in Prague, Czech Republic is Europe’s oldest active synagogue built in 1270 in gothic style.

The synagogue was originally called the New or Great Synagogue and later when newer synagogues were built in the 16th century, it became known as the Old-New Synagogue. #GKTsynagogue Wishing you all #ShabbatShalom! Photo: Bentzi Sasson Source: GO Kosher Travel

“Today at JFK airport, I met Max Glauben, an 89 year old man from Dallas, Texas who survived six concentration camps during the Holocaust.”

“On this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Max is going on his twelveth March of the Living International trip, an annual educational tour through Poland and Israel, sharing his story with thousands of participants from all over the world. On his jacket he listed all the years he participated on March […]

Grandchildren of holocaust survivors, light the first candle of Chanukah in Auschwitz ll-Birkenau concentration camp,

At the ‘Living Links – Chabad on Campus’ trip to Poland, Deena, Noa, and Rachel, grandchildren of holocaust survivors, light the first candle of Chanukah in Auschwitz ll-Birkenau concentration camp, promising to continue the flame. #LivingLinks #SharetheLights #AmIsraelChai Source: Bentzi Sasson

🇺🇸 HISTORIC NIGHT: For the first time ever, Chabad has a Rabbi in all 50 U.S. states!

Last night it was finally official, South Dakota will have it’s own resident Rabbi. Now that is worth celebrating! Some 5,600 Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries and their guests gathered last night in Brooklyn for the Gala banquet of the annual International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries. #Kinus #Chabad #Lubavitch #Rabbi Source: Bentzi Sasson

In a gesture of thanks The Israeli New York Flight Club invited Wounded IDF Soldiers on board to hit the New York City skies

“We had the honor and privilege to fly wounded Israeli IDF soldiers today, who are visiting New York. Thank you to the soldiers for all what they did and do to protect our country Israel. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!! And thank you to HANC Yeshivah for coming to the airport […]

YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HIS AMAZING PHOTOS ON HUMANS ON JUDAISM, NOW LET’S HEAR HIS STORY – Bentzi Sasson: “B”H 1 Year Cancer Free! ברוך ×”’, חוגג שנה!”

“It occurred almost 5 months ago, in the middle of a Shabbos meal. It began with some weak pains, progressing over the next few hours into sharper and stronger pains. I felt it all over my body. I was hoping that it was just a matter of time and the […]