70 Photos to Celebrate 70 Years of Israel Independence

70 Photos of Israel by Bentzi Sasson

We know you LOVE ISRAEL ! Now let’s see how well you know her ..

In honor of Israel’s 70th Birthday, Humans of Judaism has partnered up with GO Kosher Travel and photographer Bentzi Sasson. Together, we have selected 70 Photos, from 70 moments and places around Israel. (Some places we had to choose more than one photo, because we liked it so much )

Go through the pictures on our Facebook page and click ‘like’ on the photos that you like best. If you recognize the location of the photo, comment with where you think the photo was taken (city). Once you’re done, please tell us in the post comments how many places you recognized out of the 70 Photos!

Let’s see which photo will get the most likes. Show Israel some LOVE

Happy 70th Birthday Israel!!!

Source: Bentzi Sasson