Betty has lived with PTSD for 70 years since surviving the Holocaust. Although she has endured extreme tragedy, Betty still believes there are good people in the world. Today she is a proud great-grandmother and hopes others will understand that inside we are all human. This Sunday, Betty will be […]

Joshua Kaufman and Daniel Gillespie

‘I have everything in my life because of him.’ Holocaust survivor Joshua Kaufman reunites with Daniel Gillespie, the American soldier who rescued him. 70 years later, the two men reconnected in California, where they have lived only one hour’s drive from each other, but neither knew. Video: HISTORY

David Rossler

David Rossler is a Holocaust survivor. @myheritage was able to find the descendants of the family who helped save David during WWII. Now, he returns to the home where he was hidden.

Bob Saget

Bob Saget passed away on January 9, 2022. Born on May 17, 1956 in Philadelphia, Saget was proud to be Jewish, attended Hebrew school and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. After experiencing terrible loss early in life, Saget used comedy to cope. He is best known for his TV role as […]

Sir Nicholas Winton

In 1939, a young British stockbroker named Nicholas Winton saved 669 Jewish kids from Czechoslovakia during the Holocaust. He never spoke of what he did and it remained a secret for 50 years until his wife discovered a scrapbook in the attic with the names, photos, and documentations of the […]