Bionic Bar Mitzvah!

Asaf lost his hands in a horrible accident a week before his bar mitzvah. After many painful surgeries and recuperation, at 14.5, he was able to lay tefillin on his own with the help of his bionic hands. Let’s all wish Asaf a big Mazal Tov! Thanks to 📷 […]

So this happened today, Jerry Seinfeld shared a Humans of Judaism story to his Facebook and Twitter!

That’s time that Jerry Seinfeld shared a Humans of Judaism article on his social media. Facebook JERRY SEINFELD AT ISRAEL’S RAMON AIRBASE WITH THE ISRAELI AIR FORCE… Posted by Jerry Seinfeld on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 Twitter JERRY SEINFELD AT ISRAEL’S RAMON AIRBASE WITH THE ISRAELI AIR FORCE Bombing. World […]

“75 years ago my father was crammed in a ghetto from which he would soon escape only to be hunted from the country of his birth.”

“Today, during Channukah, my son was called to Torah before what remains of our Temple in the reestablished Jewish State – Israel. “Ti-kon Beit T’fi-la-ti V’sham To-da N’za-bei-ach” – Restore my House of Prayer and there we will bring a thanksgiving offering. #NesGadolHayaPo #AmYisraelChai #Shehechiyanu#TearsOfJoy”

“It was around the time of the First World War,” said Miriam, “when a group of evil bandits came to town.”

  “Pogroms were quite common in Zaporozhe, Ukraine during those years. When they entered the synagogue, they found an old, pious-looking man deep in prayer. They grabbed him by his beard and dragged him through the streets of the town.” “Four days later, he died from the wounds. His family […]


🕎 #mood Shavua Tov 🤗 Good Week 🔜 #Chanukah 🎁 Click bio link for Chanukah Gift Guide 🎥 @uncchillel, @hillelintl 🌎 Charlotte, NC 📰 Everyone Has A Story, What's Yours? 📧 📱 #⃣ #humansofjudaism A post shared by Humans of Judaism (@humansofjudaism) on Dec 2, 2017 at 6:26pm […]

“My grandfather Mikhail Lubarsky who fought the nazis in WWII currently lives in Brighton Beach Brooklyn. He’s 94 years old and was at my house this past Thursday for Thanksgiving and sang the yiddish song “Le Chaim”.

My grandfather was born in 1926 in a small Jewish village called Saroki back then it was a territory of Romania which eventually was renamed Moldova and became part of the Soviet Union. When WWII started my grandfather was only 15 when he was given the task of evacuating his […]