Write a Torah on Top of Masada with JNF

Only for Jewish National Fund – JNF would I go to Masada in mid-August I was fortunate to meet this incredible human, Shimshon Yisraeli, the sofer who scribes Torah’s every day from Masada. There is now a word in this Torah written for me and a word for my father. My dad was a cantor (and baal tefillah), so it’s hard to explain the feelings this gave me, just many happy tears. These words and this Torah will live on beyond my lifetime and to me, there is no greater treasure.

You don’t have to go to Masada to have a letter, word, chapter or entire Torah written on your behalf. JNF has made this as easy as planting trees in Israel. Go to www.jnf.org/beinscribed for more information or click the link in my bio directly.

Thank you JNF for the unforgettable experience.