“It was 1999. I had been living in Israel for 4 years I had tried my hand at the Jerusalem singles scene for two years and then in Tel Aviv for two. I was riding my bike home from work one day when a car stopped next to me at a traffic light. The passenger window rolled down and a woman in the passenger seat and the man driving started speaking to me, asking who I am, telling me I’m cute and that they wanted me to meet the guy in the back seat, showing me their work IDs to prove they were upstanding citizens, while I tried to laugh them off. My mother had taught me not to talk to strangers. But, this was Israel…
The light turned green and we turned left except they pulled over to the shoulder, cutting me off and stopping me. I giggled nervously.

They said they wanted to introduce me to my future husband. I laughed and said no way. They said, why not, and wanted to give me his number and I said Nope. They insisted so figured I’d put them off and we’d all be on our way. I said well, Let me ask you, does he keep Shabbat? And they all exclaimed, Yes! Of course, he keeps Shabbat, and he keeps kosher! So, with no plan B, I gave them my number, and two days later they convinced him to call to me (he wasn’t behind this plan). Four months later we were engaged. 19 years and 3 beautiful kids (tfu tfu tfu) later we are living and loving this roller coaster ride we call our life in Israel.” #LiveLoveIsrael #OnlyInIsrael

Source: Shara Shetrit