4 Cousins and Great Grandsons to Holocaust Survivors Serve in the IDF

It’s Friday of Thanksgiving weekend and I’m in Israel, but not alone. I met up with the Nefesh B’Nefesh-FIDF Lone Soldiers, who also are not alone. There was one soldier in particular that I was fortunate to meet. Meir and Sarah Riebenfeld narrowly escaped Nazi Germany in 1936 to build […]

Nefesh B’Nefesh In-Flight Interview with Nachum Segal Network

Click here and press play to listen to the complete interview. What an incredible show today from the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight! Check out the other guests from the flight, here is a link to the full show: http://bit.ly/2JVswhf Some of today’s incredible guests included (in no specific order): Tony Gelbart with Rabbi […]

WELCOME HOME: Mazal tov to the 26 new Olim (Immigration of Jews to #Israel) who arrived last week!

They hail from: Florida, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Quebec! And they are headed to: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Ramat Gan, Ofakim, Nes Tziona, Modiin, Ma’alot, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan, Haifa, and Emmanuel.  Give them a big, warm welcome home! #LiveLoveIsrael #MakeItHome […]


“We are truly inspired that despite the extremely difficult times Israel is currently experiencing, Olim are undeterred and are still making Aliyah. They are coming not only with the desire to build their homes and lives in Israel but to express that modern-day Zionism is thriving while displaying their deep […]

WELCOME TO ISRAEL: On the flight were 9 families and 30 young adults making Aliyah with Garin Tzabar to soon enter the Israel Defense Forces!

“Today we welcomed 71 Olim at our first summer flight of 2015! On the flight were 9 families and 30 young adults making Aliyah with Garin Tzabar to soon enter the Israel Defense Forces! Among them, Judah, who joined his two older brothers who made Aliyah and joined the IDF before him. Click […]

“A few weeks and several interviews later, I started my first day of work at Apple. Israelis know that making Aliyah is tough, so they are humbled when they hear you’ve done it and their warm side shines through.”

“I arrived in Israel fresh out of grad school with an engineering degree in my hand and a dream in my heart. After my first few months in Israel searching for a job with no luck, my in-laws made the trip from the US to visit my wife and me. […]

Jordana Golding

On the left is Jordana Golding’s mother, then 19 years old, at Dizengoff Square in #TelAviv. On the right is Jordana, in the same location, at the same age, 26 years later. Jordana is making #Aliyah from #London in a few months to join the #IDF. “She encouraged me to fulfill my dreams,” Jordana says of […]