Celebrating Their 71st Wedding Anniversary by Moving To Israel

“We are thrilled to wish a BIG Mazal Tov to this beautiful Chicago couple who celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary by making #Aliyah last week in our office in Jerusalem. It’s never too late to become #OfficiallyIsraeli

Doris Levitz, 91, now officially known as Devora, and Norman Levitz (who will celebrate his 94th birthday on July 4th) have never been more ready to make Israel their home. They join 16 (and 2/3rds) great grandchildren. Since their son, Ephraim Levitz, came on a high school program and never left 40 years ago, the Levitzes have come for Passover every year since, even doing Volunteers for Israel (Sar El) twice. This year, they came for Passover and for a great-granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah, and decided not to go back.

What took them so long? Doris answers, “Ask my husband, I was ready!” So, why now? Norman says, “We’ve been coming for 40 years and I kept saying, no, not this year. We got a lot of help from my kids to stay. We’re here. It’s been so fascinating. We are totally happy being with the kids, with the family.”

Norman, who worked for 52 years in the same lab at Argonne National Laboratory, is best known for riding a giant tricycle to and from shul every morning in his Chicago-suburb neighborhood, even in the snow. What does Norman love most about living in Israel? “Wearing shorts and the beautiful flowers everywhere.” #LiveLoveIsrael

Hats off to you, Doris and Norman! We wish you a long, and happy life in #Israel.”