International journalists, bloggers and social media gurus at the Jewish Media Summit meet with Israel’s top leadership and discuss anything but prickly domestic Israeli affairs

The group of 150 writers from 30 countries participated in the third Jewish Media Summit, a four-day meet-up organized in cooperation with the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and the Jerusalem and Heritage Affairs Ministry. The invited attendees included heads of international Jewish media, alongside bloggers and social media […]

4 Cousins and Great Grandsons to Holocaust Survivors Serve in the IDF

It’s Friday of Thanksgiving weekend and I’m in Israel, but not alone. I met up with the Nefesh B’Nefesh-FIDF Lone Soldiers, who also are not alone. There was one soldier in particular that I was fortunate to meet. Meir and Sarah Riebenfeld narrowly escaped Nazi Germany in 1936 to build […]

Meet Hannah Senesh.

Meet Hannah Senesh. A Jew, a feminist, a paratrooper, and above all else, an individual whose story exemplifies bravery & courage. In 1944, Senesh parachuted into Yugoslavia as part of a group of paratroopers whose mission was to rescue Hungarian Jews about to be deported to Auschwitz. As she crossed […]