Victory Photo from the Six Day War

In 1967, Israeli paratroopers broke through Jerusalem in the 6-day-war ending decades of oppression against Jews in the Holy City. In this iconic picture, the three paratroopers who were photographed standing at the Western Wall are pictured together again 50 years later. #jerusalemday Photos: David Rubinger Government Press Office/ Sharon […]

37 Years Later

37 years later… In 1982 Israel Defense Forces Sergeant Zachary Baumel went missing. His tank was hit and captured in Syria during the battle of Sultan Yacoub on the 6th day of the First Lebanon War. For 37 years we have been praying for answers. Fast forward to today, an […]

WOW! Times 85

85 soldiers were walking through Jerusalem. Their commanding officer stopped at a falafel place and asked for 85 falafels… As he tried to pay, the store refused to accept his money. The officer said, you didn’t hear what I ordered. I ordered EIGHTY FIVE falafels. The store owner said – […]

4 Cousins and Great Grandsons to Holocaust Survivors Serve in the IDF

It’s Friday of Thanksgiving weekend and I’m in Israel, but not alone. I met up with the Nefesh B’Nefesh-FIDF Lone Soldiers, who also are not alone. There was one soldier in particular that I was fortunate to meet. Meir and Sarah Riebenfeld narrowly escaped Nazi Germany in 1936 to build […]