WOW! Times 85

85 soldiers were walking through Jerusalem. Their commanding officer stopped at a falafel place and asked for 85 falafels… As he tried to pay, the store refused to accept his money. The officer said, you didn’t hear what I ordered. I ordered EIGHTY FIVE falafels. The store owner said – […]

4 Cousins and Great Grandsons to Holocaust Survivors Serve in the IDF

It’s Friday of Thanksgiving weekend and I’m in Israel, but not alone. I met up with the Nefesh B’Nefesh-FIDF Lone Soldiers, who also are not alone. There was one soldier in particular that I was fortunate to meet. Meir and Sarah Riebenfeld narrowly escaped Nazi Germany in 1936 to build […]

The Israel Defense Forces gets in on the #kikichallenge 🇮🇱🕺🏿

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