Happy Birthday Ester Wienrib

#MazalTov to Holocaust survivor Ester Wienrib who celebrated her 97th birthday via video call this week! Please note the birthday cake says 98, which is for 97 years + 1 for good luck. Wienrib, who is originally from Poland, currently lives in Tel Aviv and has been mostly confined to her assisted living facility since the #coronavirus outbreak. The elderly are particularly susceptible to the virus, so Wienrib’s family is doing the responsible thing by keeping their distance! However, nothing could stop them from ringing in Ester’s birthday. Wienrib smiled as her great-grandchildren sang happy birthday to her through a video call from their home in Hulda, a kibbutz in central Israel. While things may be a bit crazy right now, just stay positive and remember Ester’s message: “I’ve been through difficult times. We will get through this as well.”

Source: American Society for Yad Vashem