Shiva During Coronavirus

This is what shiva looks like during #coronavirus. The first image is from a few days ago immediately following the funeral of Barbara Schechter a’h. 7 of the 12 surviving children sitting Shiva, 6 feet apart, with no visitors in keeping with community protocols. This was for only a few hours after which time the mourners returned to their individual homes/communities to each sit shiva alone.
The second image taken a few days later, is of a single mourner, in compliance with local requirements. The family is conducting Shiva visits via zoom and telephone calls.

“Barbara Schechter was my mother. She was born in Brooklyn, lived in Long Beach NY for 25 years and then lived in Scottsdale, AZ for 30 years. She and my father, Larry Schechter a’h, raised a family of 13 children. Her legacy, between children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and spouses numbers over 100 ka’h. She was 75 years old and passed away of a heart attack on shabbat. We have siblings in NY, NJ, FL, AZ and in Israel. Given the current situation, only availim (mourners) and community Rabbi were permitted to attend the funeral. In keeping with community protocols we are not permitting visitors.” – Hillel Schechter

May her memory be a blessing, BDE