Grand Canyon Shofar

“Yesterday I traveled by myself to the Grand Canyon to blow the shofar and recite special prayers for the month of Elul on behalf of our congregation. I was so awed by the sacred space that I blasted the shofar with all my might.
Next thing you know a man comes over to me and says, “Can you please blow the shofar again? My mother’s mother was Jewish and I would like you to say a prayer for her.” It didn’t stop there. People started lining up to tell me their Jewish connection and to ask me to recite a prayer and blow the shofar.
I asked the Park Ranger (who also had asked for a special prayer) how often a shofar is blasted in the Grand Canyon. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said: “Rabbi, this never happens. Thank you so much.”
The shofar at the Grand Canyon sounded extra sweet and beautiful
May it awaken all of our hearts and souls in this holy month of Elul!
May the blast of our shofar pierce the gates of Heaven and May all of our prayers be heard above!” – Shmuel Herzfeld