Rabbi Romi Cohn.

CONDOLENCES: Rabbi Romi Cohn, 92-year-old Holocaust survivor and rescuer, passed away yesterday from the #coronavirus. Romi was born on March 10, 1929 in Pressburg (now Bratislava), Czechoslovakia. When the Germans began deporting Jews from Slovakia in 1942, Romi’s parents had him smuggled to Hungary, which had not yet been occupied by […]

Friday March 13, 2020 in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Friday morning is usually bustling. This morning March 13, 2020 I walked the whole length of Jaffa Street, the main road of Jerusalem.  No voice. No visage.  Terem is empty Zion square is empty Caffe Ne’eman is emptyBen Yehuda is practically empty Coffee Bean is emptyMain Superpharm is empty (no alcohol gel)Kaffit […]


Ori: I’m Anna, but who will be Elsa?Dad: Hold my Coke Zero.🎭 #Purim Source: Maor Melikson

1956: Golda Meir

1956: Golda MeirTIME magazine announces its 100 Women of the Year, which is TIME’s list of the most influential women of the past century.Photo: Burt Glinn – Magnum Photos Article: https://time.com/5793561/golda-meir-100-women-of-the-year/

This is Gidon, my Lyft Driver and New Brother.

This is Gidon. My Lyft driver and new brother. This morning, on my way back home from a very productive recording session with the fabulous Adrienne Gold in DC, I requested my Lyft. When Gidon arrived, I entered his car and immediately saw a tefilat haderech (prayer for travelers) and […]

Happy 100th Birthday: Malka Zajc

Happy 100th birthday to Holocaust survivor Malka Zajc! Born on February 28, 1920 in Ciechanów, Poland, Malka survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising as well as the Majdanek, Auschwitz, Ravensbrück, and Malchow concentration camps. After the war, she made a life for herself in New York City, where she still lives […]

Daniel Pearl.

“My father’s Jewish, my mother’s Jewish, I am a Jew.” Daniel Pearl’s final words 18 years ago, February 1, 2002. The world has come to know Daniel Pearl as the Wall Street Journal reporter with American and Israeli citizenship who was kidnapped by Pakistani terrorists and murdered in Pakistan in […]

Ilan Ramon

“From space, Israel looks just like it is: very small and very beautiful” – Ilan Ramon 17 years ago on February 1st 2003, we lost Col. Ilan Ramon, an Israeli Air Force fighter pilot & Israel’s 1st astronaut for NASA. Ramon was the space shuttle payload specialist of STS-107, the […]