David Dushman

David Dushman was the last surviving soldier who liberated Auschwitz. At 22 years old, Dushman was a tank commander in the Soviet Red Army. On January 27, 1945, he drove his T-34 tank through the barbed wire and electric fences surrounding the concentration camp and helped to liberate the prisoners […]

Frank Sinatra

Did you know that Frank Sinatra was a devoted friend to the Jewish people and a lifelong supporter of the State of Israel? Growing up in Hoboken, New Jersey, Sinatra’s Jewish neighbor, Mrs. Golden, often babysat while his mother was out working. She spoke to him in Yiddish and served […]

Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg’s death remains a mystery to this day. The Swedish diplomat is responsible for saving 100,000 Jewish lives during WWII. Here’s his story. Wallenberg was born on August 4, 1912, to a prominent well-respected family in Sweden. Following his Swedish military service, Wallenberg studied in Paris and in 1931 […]

Eli Cohen

You may remember Sacha Baron Cohen portrayed Eli Cohen in the Netflix series, The Spy. On May 18, 1965, Eli Cohen was executed by the Syrian regime. Born to to a Mizrahi Jewish family, Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen was born on December 6, 1924 in Alexandria, Egypt. In 1949, his parents […]

Victory Photo from the Six Day War

In 1967, Israeli paratroopers broke through Jerusalem in the 6-day-war ending decades of oppression against Jews in the Holy City. In this iconic picture, the three paratroopers who were photographed standing at the Western Wall are pictured together again 50 years later. #jerusalemday Photos: David Rubinger Government Press Office/ Sharon […]

Erich Schwam

Erich Schwam died at 90 years old. In his Will, he left $2M+ to the French village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in thanks to the town for hiding and saving his family during WWII. Schwam arrived to the village with his parents in 1943. The family was saved by local residents […]

Golda Meir

Born Golda Mabowitz on May 3, 1898 in Kiev, Ukraine. Golda Meir was a teacher, an Israeli politician who was amongst the founders of the State of Israel and the State’s fourth prime minister – Israel’s first and the world’s third woman to have served in this position. Here is […]