REUNITED: Chavy Levy, 91, Esther Sheinberg, 88 meet again after 75 years.

The two old time friends grew up together in Transylvania, Romania and were separated during WWII after which they immigrated to Israel and reunited yesterday in Giv’at Shmuel. The connection happened after their two daughters met on a vacation last week and made the discovery that both parents are from […]

Birchat Cohanim at the Western Wall #Sukkot

#BirkatCohanim at the Western Wall #CholHamoed  Happy Sukkot #ChagSameach Source: Bentzi Sasson View this post on Instagram 👉🏽 Swipe for More #BirkatCohanim at the Western Wall #CholHamoed 🍋🌿 Happy Sukkot #ChagSameach 📷 @bentzis 🌎 Jerusalem, Israel 📰 Everyone Has A Story, What's Yours? 📧 📱 #⃣ #humansofjudaism A […]


 CONDOLENCES: Ari Fuld, 45 year old husband and father of 4, is the victim of today’s terror attack in Israel. He was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist at the entrance of a local mall and later died from his injuries. Ari was someone who lived and breathed for the land […]