Every year on January 18th, Holocaust survivor David “Dugo” Leitner invites everyone to eat falafel with him and hold up a sign that says “Am Yisrael Chai.” Why does he do this? It’s his private revenge. Born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary in 1930, Dugo was just 14 when the Nazis invaded […]

Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber was born 101 years ago today on January 11, 1921. Did you know that the iconic handbag designer was a Holocaust survivor? Leiber (née Peto) was born in Budapest, Hungary and became the first master craftswoman in the Hungarian Handbag Guild. During the war, the Peto family managed […]

Condolences: Bob Saget

Bob Saget was born on May 17, 1956. He was proud to be Jewish, attended Hebrew school and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. After experiencing terrible loss early in life, Saget used comedy to cope. Best known for his role as Danny Tanner on Full House and as host of America’s […]

Bonne Maman

Seeing this going around again, it was the most popular HOJ post in 2021: Incident in a NJ Supermarket – tweet yesterday by Michael Perino @ProfessorPerino“At the supermarket today, I found a small, elderly woman standing in front of a high shelf holding @BonneMaman_us preserves. She was having trouble finding […]

Happy 76th Wedding Anniversary

Happy 76th Wedding Anniversary: To my Grandparents and Holocaust Survivors, Joseph & Olga Garay. They are an inspiration to all. Many more years of great health and happiness. #MazalTov Source: Joshua Garay

Top 10 Posts of 2021

10. Louis Armstrong 9. Top Countries by Jewish Population 8. Haifa Port, 1945. 7. Avishag Semberg Wins at the Olympics 6. Then and Wow, Berlin Germany. 5. Abraham Weiss 4. Always. 3. We won. 2. Chanukah 1932 1. Bonne Maman

Simon Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal, born December 31, 1908. “One day Simon called and said that he would like to celebrate his 90th birthday with a few friends in Vienna. I asked him where he would like to celebrate. He said, ‘I have one unfulfilled wish, to have a party at the Imperial […]

Happy 102nd Birthday Hero

Happy Birthday Chaim! This WWII hero is celebrating his 102nd birthday today. Chaim is Hebrew for life, to life, to life, L’Chaim! #MazalTov Source: Chaim Danzinger

Otto Frank

Anne Frank’s father Otto, revisiting the attic where they hid. He was the only surviving family member, 1960. Photo: Arnold NewmanSource: History In Pictures

Lily Ebert

Let’s all wish a Happy Birthday to this incredible Human. Holocaust survivor Lily Ebert will be celebrating her 98th birthday on December 29th. With 1.5 million followers on TikTok, Lily uses the popular app for Holocaust education and sharing her experiences, with the help of her great-grandson Dov.Dov is now […]

Mendel Glick

Meet Mendel Glick, the Holocaust survivor who founded Australia’s largest and finest kosher bakery chain, Glick’s Cakes and Bagels. Born in 1924 in a Polish town near the Czech border, Glick was in 6 concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He was the sole survivor of his family; his parents […]

Golda Meir.

• May 3, 1898, born Golda Mabovitch in Kiev• 1906, Golda moved from Kiev to Milwaukee, Wisconsin• 1916-1917, Golda attended what is now the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee• 1921, Golda and her husband, Morris Meyerson, moved from the U.S. to a kibbutz• May 14, 1948, Golda was one of 24 people […]

8th Night of Chanukah from Russia

Today we lit the menorah in the valley of death. A few days ago, 95 year old Isaac Abramovich told me that when he was a child, his grandfather Solomon would kindle the Menorah with him. But then he was killed by the Nazis at Zmiyovskaya Balka. And there was […]

Andor Stern

An unspeakable emotion lighting Chanukah candles with beloved Holocaust survivor Andor Stern. When I came across that his arm that lit the candles was the same tattooed by Hitler, I realized that this is our revenge, we didn’t fight with tanks and guns, but rather, spreading light, love and kindness […]

Rescued Menorah

This Menorah was rescued from the flames of the Holocaust. Its original home was the Great Synagogue in Katowicz, Poland. Commissioned in the early 1800s, the eagles at the top of the Menorah are the “Habsburg Eagles”, in gratitude for the protection the Habsburg Empire granted the Jewish community.Crafted and […]