I’ve been waiting to take this picture for days… From the first day of chol hamoed Sukkot, when I caught a glimpse of a man in a talit go to the ‘arava bush’ – that I’d never noticed before! – behind my house to replenish his lulav, I’ve been determined to […]

Miriam Goldfarb

Holocaust survivor Miriam Goldfarb z’l celebrating Sukkot last fall. Miriam was born in 1926 in Rostov-on-Don, a port city in southern Russia. She lived through the atrocities of the Holocaust and the oppression of communism, but she never lost faith in the Jewish community of Rostov. Miriam participated in every […]

Next Year in Jerusalem

When the shofar is sounded at the end of Yom Kippur, the congregation responds aloud and in unison: “Next year in Jerusalem!”Wishing each of you an easy fast and meaningful Yom Kippur. Next year, may we be together again, next to each other, safely side by side without the need […]

Vigler Triplets

After the birth of our triplets I went through complex medical trauma and almost died. I worked tirelessly and painfully to reach beyond the moments where I felt stuck, the moments I experienced triggers, moments I would want to suppress so I could just feel ‘normal’. A powerful tool in […]

High Holidays in Brooklyn

TASHLICH: In the upcoming days Jews worldwide will be performing a ritual developed around the 13th century known as Tashlich “casting off”, a process of repenting and returning to G‑d.Jews traditionally proceed to a (any) body of running water, preferably one containing fish, and we symbolically throw (cast off) our […]

Shana Tova

Praying for a year filled with blessings and good things for us all. Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and sweet new year! #shanatova Ksiva vchasima tova – shana tova umetuka

WWII Menorah

Chanukah is a time of triumph of good over evil. What better time to light with my grandfather’s Menorah made of bullets that was presented to him by his unit during WW2 while he was posted in the Middle East fighting the evil nazis. It is a privilege to be […]