Tefillin at Entebbe

Putting Tefilin right in front of the Entebbe watch tower where the Jewish hostages were taken after an Air France plane was hijacked in 1976 and allowed into the country by the Ugandan president at the time, Idi Amin (Amin Dada).
My grandmother’s cousin who was one of the hostages taken on that flight was eventually rescued by IDF commando forces. 4 of the hostages were killed along with the mission’s officer, Yoni Netanyahu and the rest were rescued and brought Home to Israel in the “Raid on Entebbe”.
Puting Tefilin is sign of being a strong & proud Jew while being physically and spiritually connected. In the Talmud it states that “he who wears Tefilin in times of war, strikes fear in the hearts of their enemies”.
Never be afraid.
(If you zoom in you can still see the bullet holes all over the building.)

Source: Rudy Rochman