“My origins are a mystery,” she begins, “though I know I’ve always held an important role.”
Meet Babushka.
“Why do they call me Babushka? It isn’t because of my age. They say there was someone special who saved my life.”
“My earliest memory is from 1943. The world was full of hate and terror back then, and my life was at stake. Rumor has it that a kind old woman risked her life to hide me and keep me safe. Once the danger seemed to be over, she brought me here—to the last remaining synagogue in town, packed into an old suitcase that had become my makeshift home.”
“For over 70 years, I’ve been calling this place home. I’m old, worn, and I only see the light of day once a year, but I’m far from gone. Watch me dance. Once a year, I’m the star of the show, as everyone lines up to dance with me. I’m hugged and kissed by all.”
“Hitler and Stalin couldn’t put my light out.”
“I’m a survivor. And a reminder. I am Truth.”
“Will you grab my arm and have the next dance?”

Source: Souls on the Don