Appliance Repairs in Vancouver

Our freezer suddenly stopped working early this morning. Thinking as to what to do, I googled “Appliance Repairs in Vancouver” and I came across a phone number of a company that outsources repair men to come out to homes to repair large appliances. After calling, they had someone who was able to come out within the hour, which is in of in itself, a miracle.The repair man comes in, says a hearty “Shalom” and proceeds to inspect my freezer and figured out a way to fix it. (Thank G-d!)His name was Demitry and he emigrated here from Dimona, Israel.Half way through the repair, he tells me that today was his mother’s 1st Yahrtzeit and he was really sad that he couldn’t find somewhere to say Kaddish. But little did he know, he was talking to a Chabad Rabbi ?.Well…not only did we say Kaddish for his mother today but he put on Tefillin in her memory.After fixing my freezer, he tells me the following: “You know Rabbi, I feel like there was a deep spiritual reason why I randomly took your call when it came to my radio…I don’t know why but somehow we were destined to meet today!”

Source: Rabbi Loeub, Chabad Jewish Student Centre – Vancouver

Contributor: Nikki Schreiber