“Hi there I wanted to share this photo of聽my wonderfully amazing kindhearted grandparents. My grandmother wakes up very early every morning to say her prayers, open the door for her helper, and sets the table to prepare for anyone who should come over. She then waits a bit聽for my grandfather […]

MOSCOW TELFIE: #RedSquareDontCare

This summer I had the chance to go to Moscow with a former citizen of USSR. We returned to the land that tried to obliterate his heritage and religion and we stood in front of what was once the symbol of nationally sponsored antisemitism and proudly declared 鈥淎m Yisrael Chai鈥 […]

But first… … Let me take a #Telfie ?

Check out the ‘Telfie Wall of Fame’ proudly displayed at聽Camp Simcha. Throughout the summer campers and staff alike would add photos to the #Telfie wall (which were too many to fit into one pic!). So here are just a few photos from Camp Simcha’s ‘Telfie Wall of Fame’ to mine.聽#Tefillin聽#Selfie聽#Telfie


“My grandfather, ZTL,聽was a teenager, new to donning tefillin, when he was transported to Dachau. He was alone: 聽his father had died before the war and his brother was killed by the Nazis. He managed to sneak his tefillin into the camps, and would quickly put them on and say […]

4 Years Ago Today: The Original #Telfie

This is my dad. This is exactly how I remember him. No matter where he was he always committed himself to talis and tefillin everyday. I remember this moment, sitting in the airport and just smiling at my father with such pride. This is my dad and he is the […]

Rainforest #Telfie

“I’m in Cost Rica rainforest now living on tuna and pistachios. Spent a week in the isolated rainforests of Central America. Took this GorillaPod-mounted #telfie at the Bolita Hostel in the southern rainforest of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. The weather is a constant 90 degrees and the forest is […]