Witold Lisowski is a true hero. This sprightly 92 year old has lived a remarkable life. As a young Christian man, he saved the life of a Jewish boy, Józef Inwentarz, along with his family, hiding them for several years and eventually giving his own ID card to Józef.

Witold participated in the Warsaw Uprising, served as a colonel in the Polish Army, earned a doctorate, worked as a historian, authored exhibitions and publications on history, and served as the director of the Polish Army Museum from 1984 to 1989.

Today, I visited Witold, as I do with all the Righteous Among the Nations before the holiday seasons, bringing them food, medical devices, sweets, blankets, hot water bottles, and even a Christmas tree—all that is needed to enjoy their holiday with the love and respect they deserve.

Witold told me, “I’m so worried about what’s happening in Israel. It’s horrendous what you are going through. I’m especially worried for my family.” Surprised, I asked what family he had in Israel. He took out a picture and told me, “I have 30 members of my family in Israel—the family of Jozef, the boy I saved. They are my family, and I worry for them, the soldiers, and the hostages.”

I took off my dog tag; he put it around his neck and told me he’s not going to take it off until they all come home.

Source: Jonny Daniels