Troy Alexander and Rabbi Kalman Samuels

‘My mother always said, “Troy, always be nice, you never know who you will meet that could change your life.” I had the pleasure of sitting next to Rabbi Kalman Samuels on my flight to Miami today and having the most fascinating talk about life: dreams, meaning of life and purpose. He wrote a book titled Dreams Never Dreamed, a powerful story about his son, who lost his sight and hearing, the Helen Keller of Israel.

It was such a powerful chat about pain, anger, positive thinking and never giving up no matter what and how God has purpose for all of us. He and his wife dedicated their existence because of their son to helping families / children with disabilities regardless of religion, ethnic background, or financial capability. They started small and now Shalva is one of the largest organizations in Israel helping 2000 children through birth to adulthood weekly and they built a $25 million dollar facility. Through being of service, it has turned him into a very successful man, as he stated. I shared what I am building and the hurdles, he said, “God has you, young man. You have purpose and meaning, your time is coming, keep going and don’t listen to the noise, everyone has an opinion, have they built anything? And lets keep in touch there are alot of men in Israel who need skincare.”’

Troy Alexander, Co-Founder and President of TROY skincare for men

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