“I moved to Israel five years ago after someone I loved dearly was killed by a drunk driver. Israel was his favorite place on earth and I thought by my being there, it would somehow bring me closer to finding answers to this tragedy. Admittedly, I started searching for those answers in all the wrong places; clubs, bars, and serial dating in the effort to numb my pain. Two years after the accident, I made the conscious decision to stop looking for distractions, and start facing my emotions. That’s when Asaf walked into my life. A mutual friend introduced us because I wanted to take private Hebrew lessons and he was a tutor. After our first session he messaged me and said, “I will happily keep tutoring you, but I would really like to take you on a date instead.” At first, I felt uncertain if I was ready, but it wasn’t long before I realized that he made me feel whole again. He encouraged me to really feel my pain and joy in everything I do. He didn’t look at me like I had baggage and told me I was strong in a way that made me believe it. In so many ways, he brought me back to life. We’ll be married for one year in October.”

Source: The Way We Met