The Unexpected Experience I Had at The Western Wall

Of course the first stop on my trip to Israel had to be my favorite place in the entire world, the Western Wall. It occurred to me that this might be a good opportunity to connect with Humans of Judaism followers. The thought was to go live at the Western Wall and anyone watching could comment with a name of someone they would like for me to pray for on their behalf. Unfortunately it was about 100 degrees and my phone shut off from overheating. I wasn’t going to drop this idea just because of one minor hiccup. When I returned to my hotel, I posted a photo of the Western Wall from my earlier visit and presented the same offer for the following day when I planned to return.

The response was incredible. There were comments, private messages and emails. People asking for prayers for themselves, for others, for our community and beyond. All of a sudden this small idea delivered great results. By the time I returned to the Western Wall, there were hundreds of messages and names. The experience is one I will never forget.