Artwork Returned to Rightful Owners

France on Monday officially returned a 16th-century portrait, attributed to Joos van Cleve or his son, to the descendants of Hertha and Henry Bromberg, a German-Jewish couple who were forced to sell the work of art in Paris when they fled Germany before World War II. Source: The New York […]

“I am an Israeli Jew, he is an Israeli Arab, we both live in Jerusalem and we train together every day at Jerusalem Boxing Club.”

“In the ring, there are no differences, no politics, only the values of respect and fraternity. We both belong to the human community and we love each other!” *** “Je suis Juif israélien, il est Arabe israélien, nous vivons tous les deux à Jerusalem et nous nous entrainons tout les […]

(4/4) “What struck me the most was the German who saved my life as well as the lives of other women. The man who did not kill me when my friend had just died. This shows that everything isn’t black or white. This makes us think about it.”

“Unfortunately, those who follow totalitarian ideologies or extremists, whether religious or political…I don’t trust those people. For many years I didn’t love anyone and I found it hard to recover as an individual as well as as a man. Today, I believe in men and I believe in humanity. What I […]

(3/4) “Whilst being cruelly transferred from one camp to the next, I met a woman with her two brothers in Drancy. Her name was Liliane. She was a beautiful woman. Despite all the horrors that I had seen, I was still a man and I had feelings for her.”

“Then, we were separated. I really wanted to find her, I thought about her so much. Later, the camps were liberated and, as luck would have it, I was able to see her again, this woman who had been one of my only sources of happiness during such hard years. […]

(2/4) “During the Shoah, I tried to save as many people as possible. I led a double life as a student and a forger. I had become the specialist for forged documents and fake IDs. All of this, to make sure that some of these people would get by. I saved about a hundred people.”

“The 8th of January, 1944 was an important day. My classmate who was my boss had been arrested the night before. I hadn’t been warned and the next day, after school, I stumbled across two policemen as I entered the factory in which we forged documents. I was arrested by the […]

(1/4) “I was deported to Auschwitz on the 3rd of February, 1944 in the 67th convoy from France. After a three day long “journey” — during which people were screaming, crying, and any sense of social division was gone — I arrived in Auschwitz on the 6th of February, 1944.”

“When we got there, an SS officer made the decision. All the men were standing on one side, the women on the other. 200 of the men would be sent to Auschwitz and 69 of the women would be transported to the female camp at Birkenau. I later learned that all […]