Birchat Cohanim

The traditional intermediate days of #Passover morning prayers, including Birchat Kohanim, the priestly blessing, took place this morning at the Western Wall with a single group of ten kohanim who are residents of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, in accordance with the special regulations for the #coronavirus pandemic. They were […]


A 101-year-old man, identified as ‘Mr. P’ has been released from isolation after recovering from COVID-19 in the Italian city if Rimini. Mr. P., a WWII and Spanish Flu survivor, was admitted last week to a hospital in northeast Italy after he was tested positive for the Coronavirus. According to […]


In Israel, a Time to Pray Amid the COVID-19 Health Crisis: When MDA’s emergency medical team had a break, they stopped to pray, one member facing Mecca and the other Jerusalem. We are proud to protect and serve all the communities of Israel! Source: מגן דוד אדום – Magen David Adom

Rabbi Romi Cohn.

CONDOLENCES: Rabbi Romi Cohn, 92-year-old Holocaust survivor and rescuer, passed away yesterday from the #coronavirus. Romi was born on March 10, 1929 in Pressburg (now Bratislava), Czechoslovakia. When the Germans began deporting Jews from Slovakia in 1942, Romi’s parents had him smuggled to Hungary, which had not yet been occupied by […]


The Bar Mitzvah is just a few weeks away and he was supposed to put on tefillin for the first time at the Western Wall. With #coronavirus changing plans everywhere, the event was cancelled. But mom figured out a way to get creative and bring the Western Wall into the house. ♥️ #MazalTov!

Aryeh Even

CONDOLENCES: Holocaust survivor Aryeh Even, Israel’s first Covid fatality. Born in Hungary, Even immigrated to Israel in 1949 where he built a family and worked as a civil servant. He is survived by 4 children, 18 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. He was 88 years old.May his memory forever be a blessing, BDE […]

Shiva During Coronavirus

This is what shiva looks like during #coronavirus. The first image is from a few days ago immediately following the funeral of Barbara Schechter a’h. 7 of the 12 surviving children sitting Shiva, 6 feet apart, with no visitors in keeping with community protocols. This was for only a few hours […]