“My Grandma lived in Israel 25 Years ✡ She Was a Holocaust Survivor ✡ ISRAEL was her only HOME”

“And my home too…
My grandmother was the oldest of 7 and grew up in Poland, she survived the war and Auschwitz with her mother Dina who I was named after. She lost all her siblings and father. She has seen the most horrific things JUST because she was Jewish. But she is the strongest person I know because of how she fought back. She fought back by having 2 wonderful daughters, five wonderful grandchildren and 7 adorable great-grandchildren. And has raised them all with a strong Jewish identity. Had it been me, I might’ve easily given up on Judaism and my Jewish Identity. But not my grandma, she didn’t dwell on the past – she created a future.”

Source: Realize Israel NYU’s new and rapidly growing pro-israel group on campus