“When I first came to this city 6 years ago
I was scared and nervous, there was so much I didn’t know
Would the Dr.’s here know what to do to help me
I couldn’t stop worrying about wha the future would be
But BH’ a miracle happened at UPMC
The perfect pair of lungs were put inside me
When I left Pittsburgh, feeling great – I was able to breathe
No more pain or oxygen – I took a deep breath with ease
Now I’m back here with my husband by my side
I showed him off to my doctors with pride
Because I know my fight is worth it – it’s so clear
That God wanted me to survive so He brought me here
So to those who are fighting… don’t quit, don’t stop
Because I know that you can also make it up to the top
We don’t know why people have the challenges they do
But whatever it is, may you have the strength to get through!”

– Rivky Morel