Safe to say we are all very busy. This is one of my dearest friends, Jamie Geller. She is one of the hardest working people that I know. I can certainly relate which is probably one of the reasons why we are such good friends. A few months ago I decided to add more to our plates and see if she was up for weekly torah study with me through Partners In Torah. As crazy as I was to ask, she enthusiastically and without hesitation said, let’s do it! It’s been a few months and we have already felt such positive change in our lives, individually and as a team. This photo is from this morning. Yes she is a professional on-camera person with a studio and I am in a cave in Brooklyn lol. Our study time is one of the most important appointments on my calendar, and honestly a bright spot of my week.Today, Partners in Torah is offering a special program to learn more about Shabbos, together (one of my favorite topics ever!). I have been working with Partners in Torah to help share the wonderful work that they do. Just trying to spread the good word and offer others the opportunity for a meaningful experience, like Jamie and I.For information on this 1:1 three part Shabbos learning series, it’s just 30 mins a week for 3 weeks; you can pick your partner or get matched with someone new – click here.