“I had heard the stories of how cold Auschwitz was. I had heard the stories of how the working conditions coped with the treatment from Nazis had resulted in death only outcomes for the Jewish people. While I visited Auschwitz, I decided to take off 3 layers of clothes just to feel the cold. After 3 minutes I struggled breathing, let alone walking or any mental focus, as well as my eyes were fighting just to stay open. I by no means can say I experienced anything close to the Holocaust, but I broke down within 3 minutes. One can only imagine the horrors that people in this and other camps went through day in and day out, especially if they were out in the cold working in such brutal conditions. I will never forget this moment. Rest in peace to all who perished here in Auschwitz.” – Ori Herschman, 2015

Photo Credit: Josh Cahn
Source: MEOR