Mushkie’s Grandparents

Isru Chag Wedding

“Today Isru chag Shavuos  would have been the 61 wedding anniversary of my grandparents.

Their love for each other showed in their passing. Zaidy passed away on the 5th of Adar, 5773. Once Bubby heard the news she was never the same. You could see the physical effect it had on her to be separated from her husband. She had broken heart syndrome and literally died of a broken heart. Her sorrow manifested physically and she had heart problems. Exactly one year and 3 days later on 8 Adar, 5774 Bubby passed away. To comfort my father during Shiva, I told him how thoughtful his mother was that she wanted to join her husband but she waited a year out of love and respect for her husband so that he could have his full year of mourning.

(According to Jewish law one mourns an entire year for a parent. And yes my father and his siblings had to mourn two years in a row!) Bubby and Zaidy I love and miss you both.

May you have only true Yiddishe, Chassidishe nachos from all your descendants.” – @mushkie_k