Mildred Kirschenbaum

My mother, Mildred Kirschenbaum, was born August 25, 1923 in Brooklyn, NY. Her parents were immigrants from Poland and Lithuania. She married my father when she was 18 years old and right after he was shipped to the South Pacific and stationed there during WWII. When he returned home they began their family. She has three children. Unfortunately, she lost her eldest son in 2019. She has 7 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. She owned a travel agency in New York for 30 years and has traveled the world. She is a card shark! She plays bridge, canasta, pam and mahjong. And she is a whiz at managing finances. She never misses a Happy Hour and still drives, cooks and handles all her affairs. Did I mention she is a fashionista, a social media influencer and the star of the award winning documentary Look At Us Now, Mother! And this Friday she will be celebrating her 100th birthday!

Source: Gayle Kirschenbaum