Margot Friedländer

102-year-old Holocaust survivor Margot Friedländer is featured on the July/August cover of Vogue Germany. Margot was born in Berlin in 1921. Her entire family was murdered during the Holocaust, leaving Margot as the only survivor. One of the last things Margot’s mother said to her was, “Try to make your life.”

Margot married a fellow survivor whom she met at a concentration camp. The couple moved to New York in 1946 and were together until her husband’s death in 2010, at which point Margot moved back to Berlin. Margot has devoted her life to Holocaust education, specifically focused on the younger generation, by speaking at schools about her experience, ensuring that future generations learn from the past.

Friedländer said to Vogue: “I am grateful. Grateful that I made it. For being able to fulfill my mother’s wish. That I have made my life.”