I’m in the Book! Links in a Chain

Hi everyone, it’s me, Nikki Schreiber from Humans of Judaism. One of my cousins did an incredible thing. He put together a book tracing our family history back to the year 1470.

Titled, ‘Links in a Chain, B’nai Yonah’s Legacy 1470-2011’, “This book testifies to the commitment of our family to Torah and Zion. It records our ancestral lineage of more than 550 years.” – Jerry Mann

The book was distributed amongst the family a few years ago. Since then, as we meet new family members, it is often said: ‘I’m in the book’.

This coming Sunday, January 7th, we finally get a chance to meet the many links in our family chain. The occasion will mark 100 years since the passing of my great-great grandfather, Rabbi Yonah Mann: born in Jerusalem in 1874, died in 1917.

If you are reading this and your family is in the book, please say hello!