“Hi Everyone, last month I was diagnosed with Primary Myleofibrosis, a blood cancer that can’t be cured unless I have a bone marrow transplant. I am a husband, and father of 3 beautful kids. For the past month I have been flooded with love from family, friends, and people who I have never met. At first this seemed like something that would be scary and tough however, the overwhelming LOVE that I have seen is giving me such strength and is fueling me. I am on my second round of chemo and feeling as strong as I have felt mentally and physically and this is mostly due to all of you amazing people. At this point I do not have a perfect match and we are on a mission to find that person. In a couple of weeks we were able to register close to 3000 people and get them in the registry. As my family and I go through this process with our friends we are uncovering so many myths about bone marrow transplants and are encouraging others to learn about the easy process of saving a life. Here you will find info on our donor drives and some educational facts that we hope you can pass on to eliminate the fear of being a donor. My best chance of finding a match is someone of Moroccan background. Come join us on this mission to find my donor and help save many lives in the process. Much Love – Adam”

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