It was more than just an experience

HoJ + Israel Free Spirit 1

“It was more than just an experience. It was the most liberating, most inspiring, and most jaw dropping moment of my entire life.”

“Going to the Kotel was always a dream of mine. It was never a reality. You hear about it during Yom Hazikaron, you hear about it during high school Zionism classes-but it’s not something tangible until you actually touch, smell, and feel it. During my summer 2016 Birthright Israel trip, I went to the Kotel for the very first time. The walking journey leading to the Kotel had my heart racing and my palms sweating in anxiousness. As I approached the Kotel, I told myself to keep a semi-calm composure, but that idea had failed on me. My mind told me one thing, but my heart was yearning for another thing-to search my past and my spirituality. For the forty five minutes I had at the Kotel, I was crying against the wall; continuous tears and praying from the depths of my soul. My siddur, drenched in tears and prayer, was the highlight of my Birthright Israel trip. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” – Lauren Weiser, New York

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