Condolences: Pearl Berg

Condolences: Pearl Berg, the oldest living Jew, has passed away. Berg celebrated her 114th birthday this past October, making her the 9th oldest person in the world, the 3rd oldest person in the US, and the oldest living Jew in the world.

Pearl Louise Synenberg was born at home in Evansville, Indiana, in 1909. Berg was the oldest congregant at Temple Israel of Hollywood in Los Angeles and had been a member of the synagogue since 1937. She spent over 80 years committed to Hadassah and served as the President of the Nordea chapter in Los Angeles for two consecutive years, holding various other positions in the group before it disbanded in 1998. Pearl strongly supported the State of Israel and anyone in need. She was cherished and admired by so many and leaves behind a legacy of long life and great character. May her memory be a blessing.

Photo: Gerry Teitelbaum