Condolences: Edward Mosberg

CONDOLENCES: Holocaust survivor Edward Mosberg was born in 1926 in Kraków, Poland. As a teenager, he and his family were forced into the Kraków ghetto. When the ghetto was “liquidated,” Mosberg was sent to the Płaszów concentration camp, which was ruled by a notoriously sadistic camp commandant. He was later sent to Mauthausen in Austria, where, as a slave laborer, he was forced to carry heavy boulders up and down the 186 “Stairs of Death.” Near the end of the war, Mosberg was sent to Linz, where the Nazis marched him and his fellow prisoners into caves lined with dynamite.

Miraculously, the dynamite failed. Mosberg survived, but by 1945, all 16 members of his family, including his parents and 2 sisters, had been murdered. After the war, he moved to Belgium and married Cecile z”l, whom he met in the Kraków ghetto. She was the love of his life and his wife for over 70 years. Cecile and Ed immigrated to the US in 1951 and raised a beautiful family. 

Mosberg made it his life’s mission to talk about the Holocaust to ensure that the world would never forget. All who heard him speak were struck by his emotion, strength, and resilience. He is survived by 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren, and great grandchildren. 
May his memory be a blessing.
Contributor: Jill Goltzer