New Friends.

Love this story! ♥️ “Today I had the privilege of meeting this amazing & wonderful woman who is 89 years young! This is my new friend Rose. Rose is a holocaust survivor that truly inspired me! She has numbers tattooed on her hand yet she came to America in 1948 […]

Keflavik Airport Telfie

“Was traveling to LA from Iceland and we ran into my friends cousin who happened to be connecting via Iceland. As we spoke about LA and the Jewish community, a man next to us mentioned that although he isn’t flying to LA like we were, he was himself a Jew […]

Linoy Ashram, Israeli rhythmic gymnast breaks World Record

🥇#MazalTov Linoy Ashram, the Israeli rhythmic gymnast who broke a world record this past Saturday at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup Championship. Ashram won Israel’s first-ever gold medal this past May, in the World Challenge Cup competition. Her recent win makes her the first athlete in the history of […]

Did you know? There are approximately 5,000 Jews living in India.

 Did you know? There are approximately 5,000 Jews living in India. The Indian Jewish community always had the unique ability to blend into the local culture of the region while keeping to the Jewish traditions and customs. In the photo, an Indian Synagogue in Mumbai. Photo: Moshe Milner, Government Press […]