“About 30+ years ago, my grandmother visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe in New York for a blessing, along with thousands of other daily visitors. She received a crisp dollar bill from The Rebbe, as he stood for hours distributing dollar bills to every visitor. My grandmother saved it and had these exact words handwritten in Farsi on the dollar bill for keepsake, “This is the dollar from the hands of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.” She then kept it with her for blessings as most people do. Unfortunately, her son (my uncle), got a hold of that dollar soon after and spent it! He didn’t know the value and meaning behind this dollar bill.  Fast forward 30+ years, across the United States, my uncle stops at a gas station in California (the Valley), purchases a small item and receives a dollar bill back in change from the cashier for his purchase. He notices his mothers handwriting on the dollar, reads it, and realizes it’s the same dollar from The Rebbe 30 years prior that he had spent!!! השגחה פרטית ” – Mahta Roham