THE SHABBAT PROJECT: Keeping It Together

Every city.
Every town.
Everyone’s invited.

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It all started in South Africa in 2013, when Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein called on the community to keep the Shabbat of 14 October together – to astonishing effect. In the days and weeks that followed, communities across the Jewish world lit up with the excitement of the prospect of bringing The Shabbat Project to their city.

The idea is simple: Jews from all walks of life, from across the spectrum of religious affiliation, young and old, from all corners of the world – come together to experience the magic of one full Shabbat kept together – in full accordance with Jewish law.

The wholehearted embrace of The Shabbat Project by Jews from across every conceivable divide – language, culture, background, geography, level of observance – demonstrates in the most graphic fashion the depth and beauty of the connection between Shabbat and the Jewish people.
The Shabbat Project transcends the barriers that divide us. It’s our opportunity to renew family and community life, restore Jewish identity, and unite Jews across the globe.

It’s about creating a new Jewish future together.
Where will you be next Shabbat?

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