Israel Moment

鈥淎 beautiful, only in Israel moment. After checking out at a large supermarket, the cashier asked if we had heard about the special sale. 鈥淲hat special sale?鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 a kohen, and today I鈥檓 giving out blessings and Ahavat Chinum鈥 He then proceeded to give Aryeh the priestly blessing, shake his […]

One Year Ago Today

The month before his passing, Ari Fuld posted this now chilling video and message ahead of the new year: 鈥淲hile taking a couple on my ‘Jerusalem Through Judea 3000 year experience, we stopped by the Kotel and figured this would be the appropriate thing to do during Elul. 状转拽注 讘砖讜驻专 […]

Mendel Glick.

Meet Mendel Glick, the Holocaust survivor who founded Australia鈥檚 largest and finest kosher bakery chain, Glick’s Cakes and Bagels. Born in 1924 in a Polish town near the Czech border, Glick was in 6 concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He was the sole survivor of his family; his parents […]

Danny Lewin.

At just 31, American-Israeli Danny Lewin was the 1st victim of 9/11. His Israeli Special Forces training told him that something wasn’t right aboard American Airlines flight 11. Deciding to tackle the terrorists, Danny was fatally stabbed trying to save everyone on the plane. A true hero. We will never […]

Oskar Schindler at Pantirer Wedding Anniversary

Oskar Schindler being lifted on a chair at the 25th wedding anniversary of Murray and Louise Pantirer in 1972. Murray was one of the 1,200 Jews saved by Schindler during the Holocaust. Image: Justin Pines, grandson of Murray and Louise Source: American Society for Yad Vashem Young Leadership Associates