“Walking slowly towards the end of the long, central hallway of the Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum I felt a sense of urgency.”

“After all this destruction my mind and heart decided I needed an answer before I could move on with my day, my trip, and my life. I tuned in more carefully to what the tour guide was saying. Every word she carefully articulated registered with me. I could feel her passion […]

“Sweaty, tired, aches and bruises. I stop to take a breath, a moment just to take it all in. It was just a few months ago that I was a “free man”, whatever that meant at the time.”

“The weather in Israel is beautiful and the beach is always a great place to enjoy it. However, in my scenario, take away the beach, add a uniform, a pair of red boots, a vest, body armor, and a weapon. I was training in the paratrooper unit, during the summer […]