Adam Krief is a 31 year old father of three.

After a long search for a bone-marrow match to save his life, he finally received one. However, after some complications, he is said to only have a few hours to live. If you have a minute, please click the link below and say a quick prayer. The website is a […]

Adam Moshe Chaim ben Olga

“I cannot say THANK YOU enough to everyone around me for the love that has gotten me to right now. My heart is filled with gratitude to so many of you that I know and to many I have yet to meet . My transplant is happening as I write […]


“Hi Everyone, last month I was diagnosed with Primary Myleofibrosis, a blood cancer that can’t be cured unless I have a bone marrow transplant. I am a husband, and father of 3 beautful kids. For the past month I have been flooded with love from family, friends, and people who I […]