Savta Eva is my living proof of the Holocaust.

Celebrating life Every Single Day for the last 93 years. Savta thinks it’s funny that I come to her home every year on yom hashoa (Holocaust Memorial Day). You should come more often she says. Or just pretend that once a week is Yom Hashoa.. oh savta.

Savta always says that this day is for the people that didn’t go through the Holocaust. Survivors don’t need a special day to remember. We live the horrors and memories every single day.

So in great Savta fashion today was the day she scheduled her hair appointment. This is MY Victory. This is my WIN. Spending the day with my grand daughter and great grand daughter and getting my hair done is how I choose to celebrate our freedom.

Last year we made schnitzel and this year we went to a hair salon. Living life to the max. What is bigger victory than this she says.

Savta, I love you.

Praying for another year of health, love, family time & yummy schnitzel

Source: Lisa Rich Photography

Photo: Sharoni Galeano Photography