“Growing up in Italy, it’s always been hard to observe my religion perfectly.

There just aren’t that many Jewish people, not that many Kosher restaurants, and If you want to fit in, you most definitely can’t wear a long skirt. But fastforward 7 years later. Now, I live in New York, I am part of an amazing Persian-Jewish community, and observing KashrutShabbat, and the laws of Modesty (tzniut) are not that hard anymore. Coming from a place where all those things were hard to find, I really came to appreciate the amazing luxuries I have here.

I started my modest fashion blog two years ago, after an amazing trip to Israel. I felt wholly connected to the land, and to the people living in Jerusalem, and I decided that I want to take something upon myself, when I go back home to NY. I decided I wanted to try becoming a little bit more modest, I’ve always wanted to, but never actually did because I was afraid to lose the fashion factor because ofcourse, I’ve always been into fashion.

Then I came up with the idea of incorporating my two worlds together, and I realized many girls are probably struggling with the same thing as me. Tzniut is usually portrayed as a sloppy, unattractive way of dressing, but through Tzniut Style, I show women all over the world, that covering up a little, can actually be beautiful, and even fashion-forward. I am still not following all the rules of modesty, but my blog helps me grow into the woman I want to be slowly everyday.” – Ora LoloiTzniut Style