Throughout my dads time in the ghetto and camps he managed to hide this in his shoe/boots. It was made for him for his bar mitzvah in Hungary. After the war ended he still managed to keep it with him. When he came to the states and soon after met my mom he did not have the money to give her a traditional engagement ring so he gave this to her.

On my 21st birthday she gave it to me and I learned the history behind it. It is always with me and when my sons were growing up I told them the history. Somehow it became the family good luck charm. Any special occasion including their bar mitzvah, taking SAT exams, when my older son proposed to his wife. At his Ufroof (don’t know spelling) and his wedding day he wore it. When my younger son took his exam to be certified to be a school administrator I couldn’t get it to him so I sent him this photo.

Grandpa was always with them and me. I asked them what I should do when I pass and they said they would keep the family tradition and share it and the same for their tradition. If my dad were alive to know how much we treasure this, he would know keeping this with him was not for nothing.

I cry when I tell this story. My dad passed prior to both my sons bar mitzvah’s. Thankfully mom was there and she passed a month or two afterwards. I hope somehow he knows and he lives on through me, my boys, and hopefully future generations. Thanks for giving me a safe place to tell this story.

Source: Fran Schonfeld Ferrara