Happy Mizrachi Heritage Month! Morrocan Arabic: “Mama Diali” – Eng: “My Mother” – Savta Rabba Simi, our great grandmother, dancing with my mother and grandmother at my cousins wedding.

Living history of proud Jewish women. Savta Simi remembers Baba Yosef her father being taken by the nazis, the re-establishment of the state of Israel, living in the Maabarot, the pride of Eli Cohen, and all the wars for our survival to date. She and her husband Sabba Rabi Moshe זצ״ל, waited until everyone in their community fled Morocco, successfully shepherding their congregants before fleeing herself with my grandmother and great uncle. After being separated from her children in Cyprus, en route to Israel, she convinced the entire crew and cabin to protest, thus closing the docs until her children were returned from the barren couples that kidnapped them. They then built Beit Shemesh from tin houses to the city it is today.

Regardless of the fact that she didn’t know the language or was left penniless after the wealth she brought with her from Morroco was stolen from her family, she still managed to raise and educate 12 beautiful children, all of whom became engineers, 40+ grandchildren, and some untold number of great grandchildren. She teaches us to be proud of our culture and the resilience of our people. She continues to be inspiration to us all, even after losing her son and grandson to war, she still thanks Gd everyday for the miracle of Israel. Always with a smile, a loving blessing, something warm to eat, and a protective hug, she safeguards Moroccan Jewish Pride. They don’t make them like that anymore. Happy Mizrachi Jewish Heritage Month – Jonathan Karten